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Municipal Leaders:

It’s time to jet fuel your audit process with lightning-fast audit reports.


9b Audit Intelligence harnesses the data in your municipal ERP system to deliver interactive audit analytics that is 100% accurate and more thorough than you ever could have imagined.

Monitor fraud, waste, and abuse in your municipality across 10 key risk areas using 400+ data analytics.


Purchasing Card

Ensure all credit cards are in the right hands, identify risk, and set appropriate limits based on spending trends with our purchasing card analytics.


Segregation of Duties

Limit exposure to fraud by managing all user roles, identify high-risk permissions, and resolve active permission conflicts.


Accounts Payable

Use our audit analytics and interactive AP dashboards to help stop errors and fraud before they are processed, find risk quickly, pay the bills faster, and maintain positive vendor relationships.


Accounts Receivable

Stay informed with our continuously running audit analytics and interactive AR dashboards to collect from customers faster, maintain balanced accounts, and create invoices the right way the first time.



See all payroll risks in an instant, set up employees right, and pay them on time, using our spot-on accurate audit analytics uniquely written for the personnel/ financial processes.



Procure essentials in a timely manner at the lowest possible cost, and improve purchasing processes organization-wide, using data analytics precisely designed for the purchasing processes.


Travel & Expense

 Be transparent and ready to demonstrate you have analyzed and flagged all estimates and claims that do not comply with organization travel and expense policy.



Limit high-risk external vendor threats with an improved vendor master file, and optimize process performance by eliminating errors and closing information gaps.


General Ledger

Validate journal entry accuracy, automate manual reconciliation steps, and identify high-risk, organization-wide, with 30+ audit analytics running behind interactive GL dashboards.


Human Resources

25+ analytics and interactive HR dashboards point out what you need to know to hire well in weeks instead of months, as well as to find risks and bottlenecks in your processes, and establish performance standards.

Get full access to the data you need.

You can be up and running with full access to in-depth audit analytics in a few hours. No more back-and-forth with IT.

Find answers within seconds.

Clearly and accurately assess the riskiest areas, processes, transactions, and even employees with just a few clicks with straightforward financial data visualization. 

Jet fuel any part of your municipal auditing process.


Determine what you need to audit. 

Use the Risk Assessment Report to identify which areas and processes need your team’s attention instead of making educated guesses.


Expedite analytics for the audit. 

Use our Audit Intelligence Reports to identify high-risk transactions, employees, and processes in the area that you’re auditing so you can focus on addressing issues rather than crunching numbers.



Track progress.

Quickly identify which employees need more training or coaching. Monitor improvements over time-based on specific variables.


Created for municipalities. 

9b’s Audit Intelligence harnesses an entire team’s expertise in ERP, data analytics, and internal auditing. The result: a robust municipal data analytics toolset tailored to city and county processes.


ERP experts.

We studied numerous ERP systems, including Tyler Munis™ closely for years, and have a deep understanding of how municipalities operate.


Data analytics experts.

We’ve created more than 400 analytics, and are able to anticipate and pinpoint the exact information you’re looking for to conduct an audit. 


Internal audit experts.

Our team drew on decades of experience in municipal and private internal auditing to anticipate the information needed to effectively identify risk and fraud.


“I'm supposed to periodically examine the records, accounts, and inventories of the City of Tulsa, but I've gone beyond that in that I've learned a way to continuously monitor the accounts, records, and inventory by using the data analytics that will put on a dashboard the things that I need to be concerned about.”

—Cathy Carter, Tulsa City Auditor

One-Time Audit Intelligence Report

  • An interactive, in-depth intelligent audit report 

  • All analytics within a single process area

  • One-time data upload

  • Data import and implementation assistance

  • Up to 2 consultation hours with 9b data analysts

  • 90-day access


Monthly Audit Intelligence Report​

  • An interactive, in-depth intelligent audit report 

  • All analytics within a single process area

  • Monthly data upload

  • Data import and implementation assistance

  • Up to 6 consultation hours with 9b data analysts

  • 1-year subscription

$5,000/ yr  

One-Time Audit Intelligence Pro Report Package

  • Risk Assessment Report to identify the most high-risk processes to audit

  • All analytics across all 10 process areas

  • One-time data upload

  • Data import and implementation assistance

  • Up to 12 consultation hours with 9b data analysts

  • 1-year access


Continuous Audit Intelligence​

  • Risk Assessment Report to identify the most high-risk processes to audit

  • All analytics within one of 10 process areas

  • API continuous data uploading

  • Data import and implementation assistance

  • Consultation hours with 9b data analyst

  • 1-year subscription

Talk to us for rates and pricing.


See what Audit Intelligence can do to

jet-fuel your auditing process.

Contact us to schedule a demo, or see if we are a good fit.

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